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 In my opinion, the greatest artist of all time has to be Nature, or as some might say,‘God’.

In our Anthropocentric world, we herald the artworks created by man, whilst taking for granted the abundance of artworks created by Nature itself. 

Following this train of thought, we should consider our very selves as great works of art. 

I believe that the most thrilling art gallery in existence is the universe in which we live in, and from this gallery is the art which gives humans the material and inspiration to create their own works of art.


A creative force lives within all that is created, and creativity loves nothing more than to flow! 

Art Alchemy works with this force, by allowing it to do as it pleases. 


All of these pieces are created in ritual.

In these rituals, i aim to become a mediator, allowing other forces and entities to take part in creating a piece of artwork, relinquishing as much control as I possibly can.

I relinquish this control by treating the material i am working with as a living creature, asking it to express itself, and also by closing my eyes and entering a trance state. 

My equipment features no paint brushes: hands, fingers and other natural tools such as leaves and twigs are used instead. 

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