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HŶDRAVOX 🌀 water voice

Hello, my name is HŶDRAVOX (David Shaw) and I am 

a multi-dimensional artist and musician, currently based in London.

With most of my star signs in Aquarius, I enjoy the aquarian role of 'water bearer', seeking new truth and creativity wherever I can - allowing it to flow through me both sonically and visually. 

Musically, I enjoy exploring a wide range of genres - frequently performing as a violin/violist, as well as using my voice for medicine music and sound healing activations. 

I treat the voice as a portal to my inner child, as well to embody both feminine and masculine energies, and to channel cosmic dreams and frequencies. 

My approach to creativity is very much rooted in the idea that humans are able to channel divine forces, which encourage and nurture creativity.

 HŶDRAVOX's mission is to share magic with the world ; magic that you can see, hear and feel. 

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